Our People

Anwar Effendy, S.H. (“AE”)

Managing Partner

AE is a founding Partner of AEA. AE gained his bachelor degree in law from University of Indonesia in 1992. AE is experienced in corporate matters especially in litigation. Other than such experience, AE has special experties in the field of Cyber Law.

To support his profession, AE has passed Bar exams in 1992 andcertified as Intellectual Property Rights consultant in 2006. AE gained his experience from “HAKA &Partners” law firm and “Yusril Ihza Mahendra” law firm. AE has also special experties in Intellectual Property Rights and trusted to head AEA | Jakarta Patent Consulting (“JPC”), which is a special division of AEA for Intellectual Property Rights matters.

Eri Hidayat, SH. (“EH”)

Senior Partner

EH gained his bachelor degree in law from University of Indonesia in 1993, majoring in Business Ethics in the scope of application of Business Law.

A little bit different with his university coleagues, EH prefered to deal in banking business as his first choice of carrier. For almost 8 years EH has worked for several banks (BCA, Bank Universal,  Bank Citra, Bank Nasional and Bank Nusa Nasional) and has handled various type of works in banking industry.

From 2000 to 2002, EH worked for a foreign investment holding company engaged in transportation (aviation, heavy industry & shipyard) with his lastposition as Corporate Secretary, especially supervising corporate law division, corporate control (Restructuring, Merger, Acquitition & Holding Consolidation) division and corporate investement (Bank relations, Private direct investment, & Corporate Financing) division

EH, which also a founding Partner of AEA, has special experties in handling Corporate Law, Contract-Drafting, Transportation (Aviation), Telecomunication & Infra-structure Business, Mining, and Banking Law matters.



Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It’s leadership.

- ANWAR EFFENDY, Managing Partner



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